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Moving Tips

The following are some simple tips to help your move go smoothly.   


  • If you have a cell phone make sure your mover has the number and keep it turned on the day of your move. 

  • All books, breakables, cosmetics and jewelry need to be removed from drawers before the movers arrive.

  • Clothing can be left in dressers, chest of drawers, nightstands, etc. (with the exception of armoires and wardrobes) All pieces should be cleared of all loose items.

  • All file cabinets should be emptied. 

  • Disconnect all wires from TVs and Stereos. 

  • Bunk beds, day beds and cribs need to be completely disassembled. Waterbeds need to be totally drained and disassembled. 

  • Donít water your plants for several days before your move. 

  • Furniture with more than one piece should be disconnected. (ie. China cabinets, desks with returns, etc.) 

  • Appliances should be disconnected. 

  • All boxes should be closed and sealed with tape. 

  • The following items need to be completely emptied. 

  • All desks 

  • China cabinets 

  • Bookcases 

  • Entertainment centers 

  • Freezers and refrigerators 

  • Buffets 

  • Curio cabinets 

If you have any concerns or question about any of this call and discuss it with your mover before the day of your move. 

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